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Adriorn’s Basico Texture Pack – A cleaner, albeit still simple Minecraft.

Adriorn’s Basico Texture Pack is a cut above the other packs that strive for ‘simple’ or ‘clean’ aesthetics. Created in 128x, this pack is high definition, compared to the other clean or simple packs that are only in 16x, and the difference is very evident, even through screenshots. The pack provides a nice balance, not focusing solely on either realism or simple structures, but a nice middle ground with the two.

At its core, this texture pack is a ‘simple’ pack with more detail than other packs in the same vein, with the high definition allowing for more detail and overall aesthetic value when compared to the competition. The structures are given very modern, clean looks and look very nice. When combined with mods such as the Water Shader, Minecraft will definitely blow you away. Best of all, this pack is able to be converted into lower resolutions, for those who really prefer simplicity above all else.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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Basico Resource Pack

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