Blizzard’s 4*4 Resource Pack


Blizzard’s 4*4 Texture Pack – Increased performance without decreased aesthetic appeal!

Blizzard’s 4*4 Texture Pack is one of the only texture packs I’ve seen that claim to offer a boost in framerates and actually deliver on this. The texture pack file is actually four times smaller, so it doesn’t weasel its way around it and make false claims, like so many before it. Another unique aspect to this texture pack is that although it sacrifices a bit of the graphical quality for more frames per second, the pack still manages to look good.

In all honesty, by looking at the screens below, you can see nothing but just simpler textures, not inherently uglier. In fact, I believe the water textures look much better than vanilla Minecraft’s. This texture pack not only gives a boost in performance, but isn’t as unattractive as other ‘performance-boosting’ packs that have failed to even live up to their namesake in the past. Give this pack a download below. Props to blizzard for a decent-looking pack to appeal to those with weaker systems who would normally have to sacrifice good-looking textures.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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Blizzard’s 4*4 Resource Pack

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