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The Bropaint Texture Pack is now one of my new favorite texture packs. It’s one of those diamond in the rough packs that you see only once in a while, and it’s very evident as to the level of work put into it. There is a crisp coat of paint (no pun intended) added to it, but with a hand-painted appearance that completes the style. The overall style is very surreal and can be at times strange, but inviting.

Most screenshots won’t look similar with this, as each environment is given a unique appearance. Mobs look great and are a fairly large departure from the default Minecraft textures, a welcome addition. The high definition portion of this texture is also shown off well; textures look great and as stated above, crisp and clear. However, the painted nature of the textures is also displayed perfectly, with big examples being the mobs, such as the zombie in the screen below.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.


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Bropaint Resource Pack

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