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Clipty’s RPG Texture Pack – Ever wanted Minecraft to have a more, adventure feeling to it? Well now you can thanks to this texture pack!

Clipty’s RPG Texture Pack is a texture pack for Minecraft that give Minecraft a more adventure-like feeling. Like for example, if you ever downloaded an adventure map for Minecraft, you will always have a feeling that something’s missing. This texture pack attempts to fill that void by adding a more “Role-Playing” and medieval-type of atmosphere into the game. I mean, there was this adventure map that I played that was really fun! Unfortunately, something was missing though. It kind of ruined the experience of the map. Don’t get me wrong now. The map was good, but it was just that Minecraft’s stock texture pack didn’t satisfy me becuase of how dull it appeared when it came to playing on Adventure and exploration maps. This is why I would highly recommend this texture pack if you are going to play on adventure maps, or if you just like to have an RPG feeling to your game.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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Clipty’s RPG Resource Pack

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