Clownfish Resource Pack


Clownfish Texture Pack – A cartoony yet brilliant new texture pack.

The Clownfish texture pack brings a crisp and cartoony look to your Minecraft experience. Textures are bright and somewhat rounded in appearance, to give you a warm and almost safer feeling when you’re out and mining about. What compliments this texture pack very nicely is its high resolution. The pixelated look would normally detract from such texture packs, while the creator of Clownfish does away with simple resolutions and opts for 64 by 64, thus giving your world a very smoothed look. It’s a word I use a lot, but it’s also something I really appreciate in Minecraft texture packs, so it’s nice to see it every now and then.

Also great about this texture pack is its ability to provide a unique look without deviating so far from the original textures as confuse the audience. Many cartoony packs alter the object textures so drastically that the items and tools are almost unrecognizable, though thankfully such is not the case for Clownfish. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t try too hard to be serious or gritty, and also want something easy on the eyes, give this texture pack a try.


Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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Clownfish Resource Pack

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