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Defanimation Texture Pack – The vanilla texture pack, put into motion.

The Defanimation Texture Pack is a surprisingly near-unseen concept that is finally implemented into a texture pack. Imagine the default Minecraft texture pack, now with most textures being fully animated. With that, you have the Defanimated texture pack. With this pack, ore shines and shimmers deep in the dark caverns, netherrack twists and morphs under your feet, and leaves wave above your head in the trees. The effects themselves are fairly subtle, but they add a bit more depth to anyone’s Minecraft experience.

Although a couple of textures – lava as well as the furnace – are already animated in the default pack, Defanimated brings this effect full swing. It turns a world of blocks into a livelier experience, complete with rustling above ground environments as well as ominous underground caverns. The ambiance that this texture pack has the potential to add is phenomenal, leading me to recommend it to any Minecrafter. If you’re unable to run high-res textures but want a different experience, you can’t go wrong with Defanimated.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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Defanimation Resource Pack

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