Defined Resource Pack


Defined Texture Pack – A subtle change in the default texture pack for you perceptive individuals out there.

The Defined Texture Pack is not one for people who solely enjoy Minecraft for the gameplay. No, this pack will separate the graphics-obsessed from the purely core experience-concerned. The reason why this is said is due to the very subtle nature in which this pack tweaks the look of Minecraft. If you’re focused on your mining and crafting, and nothing more, you’re most likely not going to notice the differences within this pack. However, if you’re graphics-fixated and want more out of Minecraft, but are daunted by the photo-realism packs out there, this texture pack is just for you.

So what exactly does this texture pack do? Well, it essentially tweaks the textures of Minecraft to give them a little depth and overall slightly better definition. One difference I’ve noticed personally is that wood looks a little clearer and less pixelated, and this effect most likely carries over to other textures as well. A subtle, but welcomed change. Download below.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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Defined Resource Pack

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