Derelict Resource Pack


Derelict Texture Pack – Textures to evoke a sense of loneliness and abandonment.

The Derelict Texture Pack is a great texture pack that has been around for some time already, although it hasn’t come to my attention until very recently. It’s a shame, too, as this pack is fantastic, from its art style to the way in which its textures are presented (bit of an offshoot from its art, simply the way it looks, bar the style). What the texture pack brings is exactly what it says on the tin. It brings quiet and long-abandoned visuals to everything, with water textures getting a pale olive tint, as well as the grass.

The appearance of it is almost post-apocalyptic, but it is so much more than that, and not as overdone as the post-apocalyptic genre tends to be as of late. Typical textures in this pack appear stained and pale, as if neglected for years, while provoking a sense of exploration in the audience. Quite a wonderful texture pack, and in HD. Download below to surround yourself in its atmosphere.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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Derelict Resource Pack

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