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Doll House Texture Pack – Another pack in the ‘simple’ style.

The Doll House Texture Pack is a pack in the vein of other ‘simple’ texture packs – packs that give Minecraft an almost cute, but quaint style. That’s something which this pack could have used – variation. While unique in its own style compared to other simple packs, the Doll House pack can easily be lost in the sea of simple packs out there, such as the Softy Pack and Jolicraft.

Things that are changed in this pack that are fairly unique are its handling of furnaces. Now, furnaces/smelters are rendered as cute, modern home-style ovens. Interior decorating is also given a decent makeover, to look more like a home than a large wooden and cobblestone shack. The rest is out of your typical simple pack – bright colors and standard definition textures. Not inherently a bad thing, but it does scream for variation among the line of simple packs out there, as previously stated. However, if you’re a fan of simple texture packs, you can’t go wrong with the Doll House Pack. Give it a download and see for yourself.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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Dollhouse Resource Pack

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