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DSCraft is very much like the other ‘simple’ texture packs out there, but as stated above this isn’t inherently wrong or bad. In fact, this texture pack was inspired by other noteworthy simple packs, such as the Painterly Pack and Tooncraft Pack.

Shifting gears, onto the actual meat of the review now that the introduction is out of the way. Essentially, the pack has a very simple look to it, as glaringly obvious as that seems. As evidenced by the screenshot below, the pack gives things a bit of a dated look, as if they were out of the SNES/N64 era. That is one thing that I have to give credit to ds777fighter, the creator, for. In addition, for purists such as myself, this pack does not stray overtly far from the standard Minecraft textures, which can be a positive depending on how the standard textures make you feel. Check out the pack even if you feel you’ve had enough simple packs; it can never hurt to have more.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.


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DSCraft Resource Pack

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