Featherlight Resource Pack


Featherlight Texture Pack – An almost surreal HD texture pack.

New on the high definition texture pack scene is the Featherlight pack, which brings a slightly different experience as well as direction compared to the rest of the texture packs out there. The usual textures, such as those for stone, wood, grass and those of their ilk are similar to the ones offered from the usual HD texture packs. This is not to say that this is inherently evil, as the textures themselves still look great, and are most certainly not an eyesore.

They do boast somewhat of a unique approach as well, drawing away from other HD textures, most likely due to an artistic approach aside from everything else. The textures for the mobs stand out the most, hence why I referred to this pack as ‘surreal’ previously. Each mob has an ultra realistic texture for it, and for mobs not modeled after real life – aka fictitious mods – such as the creeper, their looks can be downright creepy. However, this is something to praise, as such bizarre, rather unique style is something that doesn’t come often. Download below and see for yourself.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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Featherlight Resource Pack

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