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Goodly Texture Pack – A texture pack that gives Minecraft a nice layer of smooth and crisp new paint.

The Goodly Texture Pack deviates from the main texture scheme of vanilla Minecraft very little, however it works to this pack’s advantage. If you’re of the purist attitude like me, you can’t bring yourself to change texture packs because after a while you begin to miss the familiar look of Minecraft. However, this pack simply makes Minecraft look a bit less pixelated and much smoother.

Some changes were better left out, such as the way the grass plants look like they’re in much lower detail, but overall this pack is worth a download. Even if you find yourself feeling as though something is missing after trying it out, it’s worth seeing in action, as pictures don’t do it justice, as is customary with most texture packs. From the screenshots, though, you should be able to see the better clarity in textures on most objects/blocks, such as fence posts, when compared to vanilla Minecraft.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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Goodly Resource Pack

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