Greatwood Resource Pack


Greatwood Texture Pack – A wonderfully charming little texture pack.

The Greatwood Texture Pack, despite my preference for high definition texture packs, is slowly becoming one of my favorite packs. The textures actually look very nice, and add a nice spin to the vanilla textures without going too crazy with an overbearing style as some packs tend to do. The landscape – specifically the grass textures – look great and add a bit of a summer-y feel to the world, though I suppose this is natural given the pack’s inspirations. Some parts of this texture pack are reminiscent of some simple-style texture packs, but without the overly cutesy look and feel.

Though not complete yet, you will still receive a very good experience even without a full makeover in the same style. You owe it to yourself to at least try out this up and coming texture pack. Show your support by trying it out and let’s see the completion of this promising pack. Download below and see it for yourself today.


Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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Greatwood Resource Pack

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