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ImprovedDefault Texture Pack – A fresh spin on an old classic.

The ImprovedDefault Texture Pack is created for those who hate HD textures in mind. Those who can’t bear to use another texture pack other than the default pack, or find themselves immediately switching back to default after trying out a new texture pack. What this pack does is make slight improvements over the default texture pack, while still retaining the familiarity of it all. Some of the slight improvements made include:

  • Faces on pumpkin texture removed
  • Grey spots on dirt texture removed
  • Dark pixels on wood texture removed
  • Ice texture looks frostier
  • Glass is clearer, not as many white lines on it
As well as many more changes, all for the better. This pack overall makes changes that most users won’t notice, but to the especially perceptive users, the improvements will be appreciated. Check it out below if you’re of the purist attitude, (much like myself), and can’t bring yourself to try something completely new.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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ImprovedDefault Resource Pack

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