Isolation Resource Pack


Isolation Texture Pack – A texture pack with a complete sense of loneliness and despair.

The Isolation Texture Pack is different from other packs in that it has a very well developed atmosphere. While most texture packs have a very bright and cheery feel, you don’t really get a defined atmosphere, justover-saturatedand vomit-inducing sweetness. The Isolation Pack, on the other hand, strives for – and achieves – a perfect sense of true loneliness.

Traversing across the land in search of resources is usually very peaceful and relaxing (at least during daytime hours in-game), however with the Isolation Pack installed, one is likely to feel very gloomy, and consequently encouraged to fight more than normal, as a sense of bleak darkness overwhelms the player. This pack receives a commendation for its straying away from the normal Minecraft texture packs which do little to deviate from the standard atmosphere of the vanilla Minecraft game. An added bonus stems from turning the fog on higher levels (other than the highest visibility level) for enhanced atmosphere.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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Isolation Resource Pack

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