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JohnSmith Texture Pack – An extraordinary texture pack with an ordinary name.

The JohnSmith texture pack is one where the name is not everything. Sharing the name with its creator, it may sound a bit bland and/or unexciting. However, one quick look at the screenshots, let alone a few minutes actually playing Minecraft with it will quickly dispel those negative first impressions. Textures are fairly high resolution and look phenomenal, with a slight touch of realism apparent in them. Being in 32x resolution, the textures aren’t top of the line high definition compared to other high rollers out there, but then again this texture pack has been out doing its own thing, so I can’t take anything away from it about that.

The JohnSmith texture pack makes structures and cities look great, and really bring out Minecraft’s inner beauty. Compared to default, you graphical aficionados may cringe once you try to go back to Vanilla Minecraft. This pack is also compatible with the latest snapshot as well, so for those test-driving 1.3, you can still enjoy this gorgeous texture pack’s features.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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JohnSmith Resource Pack

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