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JoliCraft Texture Pack – A cute texture pack with beautiful textures.

The JoliCraft Texture pack is a rather popular texture pack that is one of the more widely known among the simple pack scene. Those who have created a ‘simple’ texture pack recently most likely have taken JoliCraft as some form of influence or inspiration. For a standard resolution – that’s 16-bit – texture pack, JoliCraft has some pretty complex textures, ones that have obviously had work put into them. Each mob, both friendly and hostile, is given its own unique look, some even vastly different from the vanilla texture pack.

NPC villagers now look like actual humans, and paintings are all new and look great. Overall the world of Minecraft looks fantastic with JoliCraft, and for those who can barely run the higher resolution texture packs out there, settling with this pack isn’t a loss at all. In fact, JoliCraft is one of the finer 16-bit texture packs for Minecraft, and shouldn’t be missed out on. Check it out now below.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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JoliCraft Resource Pack

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