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Jolly Pack Texture Pack – A simplistic texture pack, but not in the vein of typical simple packs.

The Jolly Pack seems at first, at least by name, to be among the endless wave of ‘simple’ texture packs out there. I’m sure you know them; the cutesy, and/or bright and cheery packs, all in standard resolution. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with that, just that after a while they get tiring once you see them so much. The Jolly Pack, on the other hand, is a nice and refreshing change of pace.

What separates the Jolly Pack from other texture packs is the textures themselves. They are slightly darker than the default textures, immediately withdrawing its self from the crowd substantially. The textures themselves look nice for standard resolution, though they do tend to be a little blurry, even by Minecraft’s standards. Textures aren’t changed a whole lot from the standard pack, and it’s obvious that this is a work in progress, but it still looks rather nice. Check it out if you’re not too critical of your textures, below.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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Jolly Pack Resource Pack

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