Jungle Ruins Resource Pack


Jungle Ruins – Ever wanted to go exploring with a, well, jungle-like feeling that makes you feel like you’re finding lost civilizations? Then this Texture Pack is for you!

The Jungle Ruins texture pack is a texture pack for Minecraft that gives Minecraft a more “Adventure” like feeling. You know, you could go exploring in a vast jungle, fight some hostile enemies (mobs), and find treasure (Chests inside the dungeons). But you really know what would set the adventure-like mood? Re-creating the set of “The Raiders of the Lost Ark”, getting a few of your buddies to play with you on a multiplayer, record the whole experience, and make a Machinima, using this texture pack. Now that is what I would call and epic adventure. By the way, if you actually do this, send us a link to the video using the “Contact” tab above, and we will feature the video here on this post! Anyways, let’s get to the screenshots of the texture pack in action.

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Jungle Ruins Resource Pack

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