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JunkJack Texture Pack – More than just a texture pack with a catchy name!

The JunkJack Texture Pack is a nifty texture pack modeled after the iOSgame of the same name. Everything is given an almost cel-shaded appearance and looks very nice. The clean and organized look of the pack is praise-worthy and appeals to even purists like myself. I especially like the makeover to glass textures, given an almost completely transparent look. Though not a standard-definition texture pack, it doesn’t put a strain on the average system, including my (rather modest) machine.

Despite being a work in progress, the pack is almost nearly complete, as evident by the screenshot provided. Overall, this texture pack stands out from the crowd and, with its glossy sheen and clean overlay, is most certainly worth a download. If you’re a fan of the Minecraft-clone on iOS after which this pack is modeled, or just want a nice change of scenery, the JunkJack Texture Pack can do the job, and quite nicely. Check it out.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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JunkJack Resource Pack

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