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KayneCraft Texture Pack – A high definition texture pack with a comic book style.

The KayneCraft texture pack is quite the looker when it comes to pure presentation. On one hand, it’s presented in high definition, up to 128x. On the other hand, it bears a unique comic book style appearance. While landscapes and most objects have an almost realistic style to them, NPCs and mobs have a very cartoony appearance while still managing to fit in with the overall theme. Grass textures are gorgeous, blending realism and a nearly cel-shaded look. A lot of love and hard work was put into this pack as evidenced by the beautiful textures. The blending of styles is nothing but icing on the cake for this amazing texture pack.

Everything in the world of Minecraft is made over with a glossy new sheen, from the inventory menus to the landscape around you. Caves are given new life with more detailed stone textures, and your creations are enhanced tenfold with this texture pack. For a brand new experience in stunning HD, you can’t go wrong with the KayneCraft texture pack.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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KayneCraft Resource Pack

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