LoZ: Oracle of Seasons Resource Pack


Oracle of Seasons Texture Pack – The classic Gameboy game re-envisioned in Minecraft.

The Oracle of Seasons Texture Pack is based off of the Zelda game of the same name for the Gameboy Color. The texture pack does a nice job of putting the 2D textures into a 3D world. Colors are vibrant and exaggerated, much like those of the source material. Minecraft and the textures of Oracle of Seasons splice together very well, making Minecraft look very much like a 3D version of OoS.

The base grass textures are done very well, appearing as though they are straight out of Oracle of Seasons. Added bonuses come in the form of constructing large stone castles, which help to strengthen the Zelda atmosphere. You can roleplay an adventure with your friends, and start your own quest for the Triforce. That is just one of the many positives of texture packs with strong source material such as this one. Download below.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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LoZ: Oracle of Seasons Resource Pack

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