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Mariocraft Texture Pack – Like your Minecraft with a bit of an old-school flair? Welcome to the Mariocraft Texture Pack!

The Mario/Mariocraft Texture Pack is a pack for those who grew up with the famed Italian plumber. It changes the general layout to resemble the textures of the SNES-era Mario games, such as Super Mario World, with the vibrant and relaxing colors, from the grass to the sand. The flowers are given a nice fire flower-esque makeover, and the mobs are given a nice re-texturing as well. The creepers are given a bob-omb makeover, to accompany their explosive personalities (pun intended). The chickens are given a nice Koopa look, turtle shell and all. In addition, the ghasts are remade to look like the common Boo enemy as well. Lastly, the grass is made to look like the bush textures from Super Mario World. If you want to relive part of your past gaming experiences in your favorite sandbox game, you can’t go wrong with the Mariocraft texture pack. Give it a try.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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Mario Resource Pack

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