Medieval Resource Pack


The Medieval pack is a fantastic texture pack that alters the entire mood of Minecraft and really gives you a feel for the times it is seeking to recreate. I almost get a Lord of the Rings vibe from this pack when exploring the Minecraft world, which is something I really enjoyed. In general, this texture pack gives a feeling of a lot of classic films from that era, which speaks volumes about how well-executed the pack itself is. Just how much this texture pack brings in atmosphere and mood is simply amazing.

Watch your stonebrick castles spring to life under these new textures, imagining great dungeon sieges and wars with your Minecraft friends. Transform your humble town into a bustling olden age market square and scale harrowing cliffs as the waters roar beneath you. Anything is possible with a wonderful texture pack such as this and the right amount of creativity (as well as some imagination). Enhance your experience now with the Medieval Texture Pack.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.


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Medieval Resource Pack

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