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MedyCraft – A texture pack ideal for those who wish to keep things at 16 * 16.

This is a texture pack that sticks to the basics but has nearly perfected said simplicity. Although not too much of a drastic change from the standard Minecraft appearance, this texture pack can’t exactly be criticized for this, as it was never intended to be an overly ambitious project, for which I give the creator credit. The textures themselves do look nice though, they’re very crisp and clear, and nicely spaced, for example on the stone and wood brick/block textures. A stray away from the more common, default colors would be nice for a future update.

On that note, creator mazter_redz is dedicated to bringing the best possible pack for 16 *16, so the additional link with the community is nice, and makes it easier to support someone and their content this way. All in all, though, not much can be said about this pack. It is very simple, which can be interpreted either way, good or bad. While not going down an overly eccentric path isn’t inherently bad, a little deviation from the norm can’t hurt either. Download below and check it out yourself.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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MedyCraft Resource Pack

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