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Minecraft4Kids – Y’know, for kids!

The Minecraft4Kids Texture Pack is a pack made by a man for his children. What it essentially does is gives all textures a bright and colorful look, one that is more inviting to those of younger ages. The overall look and feel of it evokes a sense of child-like mystery, encouraging the young’uns to not be put off by the vast worlds, but to dive right in and enjoy the game.

Minecraft is a perfect game to get your children and/or younger siblings into, and with this texture pack it is made that much easier. In addition, once you get past the fact that this pack is aimed at young children, you realize that it actually looks pretty darn good. Think of the overall aesthetics to be those of a photo-realism pack with a slight cartoony touch. And no, it isn’t as creepy as that sounds. The mobs are smiling, and friendly in appearance, and the textures are of fairly high detail, just with an almost cel-shaded covering. Though it is a hefty download and is somewhat demanding (being a 128x texture pack), I highly recommend giving it a shot.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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Minecraft4Kids Mod

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