Misa’s Realistic Resource Pack


Misa’s Realistic Texture Pack – Want to play Minecraft but you cringe at the low resolution textures? Download this texture pack and cringe no more!

This texture pack is a pack for those who value graphics over the simple yet addicting gameplay of Minecraft. It turns the pixelated block valleys into high quality vistas, perfect for screenshots and gawking. Unlike most other ‘realistic’ texture packs, this pack’s results aren’t best viewed block by block. For the best scene of just how much the graphics are enhanced, your best bet is to stand on a hill and view the lovely fields and mountains as one big picture. Once this is done, you will truly see a difference, and I assure you that it will cause you to truly admire this texture pack. The mobs (both good and bad), are also given a hefty makeover.

The pigs and chickens have very realistic faces that don’t really stray into the uncanny valley as most would assume they would. Everything is given a truly high detail and high definition makeover, and it’s worth a download just to check it out. If you’ve tried the other realism-aimed texture packs, This pack is good for a change of pace.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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Misa’s Realistic Resource Pack

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