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Mixcraft – A realistic texture pack still in the vein of vanilla Minecraft.

Mixcraft is a realism-oriented texture pack that doesn’t go overboard, much like most ‘realistic’ texture packs tend to do. Everything is redone in a nice high definition texture, with a nice but not overly vibrant color scheme. In fact, one thing that I especially love about this pack is how it ops for a mellow, almost darker color scheme. One thing that gets tiring is the amount of bright and overly cheery texture packs, which are pumped out rather frequently.

This texture pack does away with the usually pixelated textures, and cleans them over, as textures look smooth and clear now. Menu and inventory icons for items are also clear, and easily distinguishable, another plus. This texture pack also adds in some more paintings to Minecraft, all in high definition, as well as the fact that they look excellent. In addition, HD fonts are included, which also should serve as a note to you to make sure you have MCPatcher installed to handle HD textures. Also added iscompatibilitywith the latest snapshot update, so you can enjoy new textures for emeralds and tripwires as well.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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Mixcraft Resource Pack

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