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Straying from the recent influx of high definition texture pack reviews, I’d like to introduce a standard texture pack that can compete with the high definition packs out there. This texture pack poses a unique twist on the default texture pack and isn’t quite like the other texture packs out there. Let’s get into what exactly separates this texture pack from the sea of millions out there, namely other standard packs.

What this pack does is replace most of the textures for different objects and modernizes them, akin to things you would find in today’s world. For example, redstone wire is retextured into copper wire, chests are turned into cardboard boxes, andnetherrackis transformed into red marble stone. This can be ideal for role-plays, or just for people who can’t quite grasp what certain items are, who could benefit from real world comparisons. Overall, this texture pack is a nice aid for the confused Minecrafters, as well as a means of appeasing the more fickle players too.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.


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ModernCraft Resource Pack

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