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Pixel Perfect Texture Pack – Simple. Clean. Perfect.

The Pixel Perfect Texture Pack is a sight for sore eyes, for those sick of seeing all the ‘simple’ texture packs coming in. However, while this one may relieve said woes, I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a simple texture pack, in any sense of the word. While its textures may not boast the high definition qualities as all the complex, system-slowing packs out there do, it is far from simplistic in the grand scheme of things.

Compared to most overly simplistic packs (which usually tend to be the creators’ first pack) where textures blend right into each other and tend to look pretty bad, this texture pack doesn’t use borders but the textures transition seamlessly. Biomes from a distance are great evidence of this, as they flow together very well and don’t look like one big colorful mess as most packs tend to do. I guarantee that even if you HATE simplistic texture packs, you will at the very least look at this pack in a different light compared to the rest. I certainly give this one my seal of approval.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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Pixel Perfect Resource Pack

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