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Pony Craft Texture Pack – Live out your Minecraft days in Princess Celestia’s kingdom.

The Pony Craft texture pack should need no introduction nor explanation. However, if you are still in the dark about this, I’ll attempt to introduce it to you. The Pony Craft Texture Pack is based off of the My Little Pony cartoon series, and recreates its vibrant and cheery colors in doing such. The HUD is now a bright pink, textures are simple and of little detail (adding to its charm, I suppose), and overall it’s influences are apparent.

This texture pack produces an almost saccharine effect, though if you’re a fan of the source material, I’m sure this is a non-issue. A good coupling would be the Mine Little Pony mod in companion to this texture pack. That is, if you’re not sick of MLP at that point. Overall, however, this pack does the job for Minecraft/MLP enthusiasts, and even as a non-fan of the show that is apparent. Download below and get your brony on.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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Pony Craft Resource Pack

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