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The Portal Texture Pack – Love Portal? Want a texture pack that you can use in survival mode as well as creative? Look no further!

Portalis a now-classic first-person puzzle game that many have fallen in love with. It’s only natural that someone would make a Minecraft texture pack based on it . Unlike other texture packs out there, this one isn’t only for Creative mode, however. That’s right; with this texture pack you can explore test chamber-themed caves, including finding remnants of past test subjects, all while dodging creepers, zombies and skeletons. Oh wait, did I say creepers, zombies and skeletons? I meant turrets. Yes, not only does the game have Portal-themed environments, but the enemiesreceived a Portal overhaul as well. Feeling lonely? Don’t worry, you have your companion cube and Wheatley blocks to accompany you on your Enrichment Center adventures as well. When you’re tired of exploring, you can relax and have a slice of delicious cake. Not only can you experience Portal in-game, but this texture pack adds GLaDOS one-liners and taunts tothe main menu, all to further your Portalcraft experience. A must-have for anyone who calls themself a Portal fan.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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Portal Resource Pack

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