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PureBDCraft Texture Pack – A great, new hi-res texture pack!

Sphax’s PureBDCraft texture pack is one that has been making the rounds as of late. Its recent popularity is understandable, too, as it is an amazing-looking texture pack with a beautiful style. Although I tend to say this a lot, this texture pack carries a very unique style. However, what is unique about this pack is its lack of a distinct style, which is a good thing. While some texture packs stick to one specific style (steam-punk, post-apocalyptic, etc.), PureBDCraft holds an almost undefinable style. This pack seems to carry a blend of many styles, all woven together into one marvelous design.

Mobs – both hostile and passive – all have their own special appearance under this texture pack, with NPCs receiving a big overhaul compared to their vanilla counterparts. Armor and tools also look amazing, as armor has received a considerable makeover, and is now very grand in appearance. Overall this texture is similar to the Von Doom Texture Pack in that it is quite the upgrade for your Minecraft experience, though it would be a mistake to compare PureBDCraft to anything else out there.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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PureBDCraft Resource Pack

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