Ravand’s Realistic Resource Pack


Ravand’s Realistic Texture Pack has got to be one of the best texture packs I have ever seen. On top of the top notch textures that this texture pack provides, this texture pack also makes it so textures are randomized, allowing for an even greater variety of textures while you’re walking around your world, allowing for an amazing view. On top of that, this texture pack also modifies the sky so that it looks realistic as well, which can change the atmosphere of your game immensely.

This texture pack doesn’t stop there, however. On top of that, this texture pack also modifies the existing fog shader that’s already in place, and creates different atmospheres depending on what biome you’re in. This allows for an extremely comprehensive atmosphere, and since the textures are realistic enough, you could even say that it feels like you’re in an RPG-like game, such as Skyrim.

Thought we were done? Not yet. In addition to having randomized textures, and even shader-like graphics, this mod also takes complete advantage of the connected textures option present in optifine and MC Patcher. What this means to a normal Minecraft player such as yourself, is that houses will look practically flawless, and the environment should blend in with one another fairly well.

All in all,Ravand’s Realistic Texture Pack is a very, very well made texture pack, and is recommended for anyone who would like to have an RPG-like texture pack that takes complete advantage of all of the new features that have been added into the Minecraft 1.7.2 update.

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Ravand’s Realistic Resource Pack

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