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RealityTwistCraft Texture Pack – Minecraft with a dose of spontaneity!

The RealityTwistCraft texture pack brings a flair of randomness and strange charm. While it resembles the default texture pack in its environmental (wood, stone, grass, etc.) textures, the similarities stop there. Inventory icons – such as for armor and tools – are given a more vibrant and almost ‘cleaner’ look. A lot of other textures, in appearing somewhat similarto the default, albeit in higher resolution, are given a cleaner appearance as well, adding to the visual appeal of this texture pack. The testificates (NPC villagers), are given a horrifyingre-imaginingwith a distorted jack-o-lantern-esque face.

The iron golem is also given the treatment mentioned above, with the exact same twisted face. While this texture pack has no true theme, its amount of sheer randomness and lack of continuity among the textures should be enough to excite anyone with an affinity for Minecraft texture packs. Check this one out if you’re not too obsessive compulsive about your textures and if you’re looking for some change.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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RealityTwistCraft Resource Pack

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