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RetroNES Texture Pack – Wish to relive the old days of bleep-bloop, 8-bit- filled gaming? Prepare for a nostalgia attack!

The RetroNES Texture Pack is ideal for those who either grew up in the 8-bit glory days of gaming or for those who wish to know why those days are so loved by the gaming world. So, what exactly does this texture pack change? Well, for starters, everything is bright and vividly colored,so as to pay homage to the simplistic color schemes of the NES days. In addition, all items and equipment now look similar to those found in classic NES titles, such as Zeldaor Dragon Warrior. The new grass textures are also reminiscent of those from Doki Doki Panic/Super Mario Bros. 2. All in all, the texture pack gives everything a brighter coat of paint and adds simplified textures compared to the complicated (when compared to those found in this texture pack, at least) ones found in Minecraft. My only complaint is that the mobs don’t exactly look as though they’re pulled from an NES game, but they still manage to fit with the overall scheme of the pack.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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RetroNES Resource Pack

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