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The Rustica texture pack is another standard definition texture pack hot off the presses for the current version of Minecraft (1.5.2). Its style is immediately a bit reminiscent of texture packs such as Jolicraft, which is a positive thing, especially considering the quality and success of it. However, don’t let this remove any sort of individual identity from the Rustica texture pack. It differs from the aforementioned Jolicraft in its more realistic approach to its color scheme. Realism in standard definition may seem a bit contradictory, but it works well for Rustica.The pack does away with high definition textures that tax your system and instead provides a realistic approach to Minecraft’s standard textures while also presenting an original style.

The darker colors of Rustica make the default texture pack seem bright and cheery in comparison, with dark green grass and burnished oak textures painted before your eyes among the forest biomes. Rustica manages to provide a beautiful yet at the same time foreboding world for your Minecraft experience and should certainly be given a spin if you’re looking for something that won’t make your computer sputter but isn’t the same standard texture pack you’re used to. I’m usually one for high definition texture packs, but Rustica managed to win me over with its charm and atmosphere contained in its small package. Don’t let this one slip by your sights, if you can help it.

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Rustica Resource Pack

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