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SimplicityHD – Simple, but high-definition. Talk about contradictions!

The SimplicityHD Texture Pack is certainly a sight for sore eyes. If you’re fed up with the constant barrage of ‘simple’ texture packs across the Minecraft forums as I know that I am, then this pack should ease your woes. To address the elephant in the room first, this pack, as the name implies, is high-definition. That should easily separate it from all other simple packs. Textures are very crisp and look great, as the screens should show you.

Also unlike other texture packs, SimplicityHD doesn’t strive for an overly cute or cheery tone. This one stays true to it namesake and keeps things purely simple. No overly complicated textures here, so everything is in its original, solid color, with no extreme details. The contrast between high-definition and simple creates textures that are very pleasing to the eye but also keep things in order, with none of the fancy detail of the vanilla Minecraft texture pack. For those looking for more than the bare bone essentials, but not too much more, this pack delivers.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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SimplicityHD Resource Pack

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