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The Squareswept Texture Pack is a ‘simple’ pack that also happens to look fantastic. In certain angles and lighting specifications (not too specific), the texture pack also looks as if it is rendered in resolution higher than the 16x it truly is. The water textures are handled nicely, and look vastly superior to the dark, dull blue waters of the default Minecraft Texture Pack. The generally brighter textures this pack brings, as well as the smoother (and the more aesthetically pleasing) textures all come together to bring you a truly unique and great pack.

While I typically am not a fan of simple style texture packs, this pack receives my seal of approval. Not only is it unlike the plethora of boring and overly cheery simple packs out there, but it looks wonderful. A prime example is the screenshot below. Take a peak at it to see the water textures and overall brighter textures I mentioned earlier. Afterwards, be sure to download it and try it out for yourself, which is arguably the best way to test it firsthand.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.


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Squareswept Resource Pack

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