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Swirly Texture Pack – Get an ice cream cone’s view of Minecraft.

The Swirly Texture Pack is a texture pack that has flown under the radar a bit. Although it’s only been out since the seventeenth of this month (July) – three days prior to this post – this texture pack poses such a unique style and grace that having more popularity is almost a crime. As for what to expect from this texture pack (other than the previously stated unique style/experience), the aesthetics of this pack are exactly what it says on the tin. Swirls and whirls are abound in the world of Minecraft, and it’s looking great.

What I like the most about this texture pack is its commitment to, and execution of, one general style. The aforementioned swirly style is noticeable everywhere, as every texture, from creepers to sheep to stones are made over in this way, and it looks fantastic. Also worth mentioning are the sun and moon makeovers, as they look stunning and are easily the most apparent changes from a distance. Show your support for this gem of a texture pack and download it below.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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Swirly Resource Pack

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