Synthetic Reality Resource Pack


Synthetic Reality Texture Pack – A photo-realism pack that doesn’t aim for direct realism.

The Synthetic Reality Texture Pack is quite the unique pack. For one, it is a photo-realism pack, however it doesn’t seek to replicate realistic images in the Minecraft textures. Instead, it presents an alternate reality, but in glorious High Definition. The textures look great, and overall the texture pack is done nicely, with additional props given for the unique art direction. Generally, while some textures do resemble their real-world counterparts (such as stone), the texture pack presents a new twist on most textures.

Another nice feature of this texture pack is its availability in every resolution imaginable, including 16x, 32x, 54x, 128x and 256x. For the sake of uniformity and fairness, we are covering the 256x version, for it shows off the potential of this pack the best. Conclusively, though, the texture pack looks great in any resolution, with its art style being a huge draw to it. For those who appreciate photo-realism textures, and also are a sucker for eccentric or different styles.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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Synthetic Reality Resource Pack

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