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TF2 Texture Pack – Want to merge your favorite hat simulator with your favorite mining/crafting simulator? Apply here!

This Team Fortress 2 Texture Pack is nearly unrivaled when it comes to texture packs featuring Valve”s hit online shooter. While most other TF2 packs are incompatible with recent versions of Minecraft, Knochenbowser’s is fully compatible with the latest version, being 1.1. The pack also has an added bonus of being high definition (so, heads-up; you’ll need MCPatcher), so Tf2 is represented in non-pixelated glory, staying true to the cel-shaded source material. Everything is crisp and clear yet also cartoony, much like Team Fortress 2 is known for. Though this pack is recommended for TF2/Minecraft fans out there, this pack isn’t exactly a major overhaul. While the colors are made to be more vibrant, much like the cel-shaded textures of the full blown TF2, Minecraft purists won’t see reason to cry fowl if they were to see this pack in action. To download this pack would be to receive the best of both worlds; the colors (and on a smaller scale, the changes done to the textures of the tools/items), as well as the core gameplay and overall feel of Minecraft.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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TF2 Resource Pack

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