The Dusk Pack Resource Pack


The Dusk Pack Texture Pack – A colorful texture pack with an old-school flair.

The Dusk Pack Texture Pack is a bright and colorful texture pack, but don’t let that turn you away from it. Whereas most 16-bit texture packs that are bursting in color tend to look rather crude and hastily made, this texture pack is certainly a sight for sore eyes. As you can see below and above, these textures are stunning. It’s almost impossible to believe that this is a standard definition (aka 16-bit/16x) texture pack, it having all the looks of at least a 32 bit pack.

In addition, some of the textures are reminiscent of old-school RPG/Platformer games of the SNES/Genesis era of gaming, especially the item sprites for inventory objects. The textures are fairly unique compared to vanilla Minecraft, however they are identifiable in the sense that you can clearly see that the chest is a chest, furnace is a furnace, etc. The textures also remind me of the cartoons of the 90′s, which is great as well. The amount of influences this pack brings out is phenomenal. Download below.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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The Dusk Pack Resource Pack

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