The End is Extremely Nigh Resource Pack


The End is Extremely Nigh Texture Pack – Some post-apocalyptic fun in your Minecraft experience.

The The End is Extremely Nigh Texture Pack, while having a ridiculously long name, is also a wonderful texture pack in its own right. As one could correctly assume from reading the title, this texture pack carries a post-apocalyptic theme to it, giving the world of Minecraft adilapidated atmosphere as well as general appearance. This makes for wonderful role-playing, where one could roleplay as mankind’s last survivor (or survivors, if one were to go in SMP with it), who hopes to rebuild their own society after the collapse of the world.

Everything in this texture pack carries a unique look apart from what you would expect out of something post-apocalyptic-themed. For example, in an almost black humor-esque twist, TNT is now a wrapped present, surely to surprise any unsuspecting griefers. Overall this texture pack excels in its use of atmosphere to sell its central theme, and it is a beautiful-looking pack as well.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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The End is Extremely Nigh Resource Pack

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