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TrollPack Texture Pack – Trick (and possibly lose) your friends with this clever texture pack.

I’m certain that the internet as a whole is probably familiar with trolling, and is almost completely sick of it. However, this texture pack is a clever method to troll your friends. Just make sure that your friends can take a joke, as this little ‘joke’ is something that not all will take so lightly. I, nor the texture pack’s creator, can be held responsible for your damaged friendships as a result of using this texture pack on your friends and subsequently irritating them.

Now, what exactly does this pack do? Enough with the redundant warnings, let’s tell you what to expect. Well, essentially, the pack replaces certain textures to fool someone into thinking they’re run of the mill, when they’re actually dangerous, and vice-versa in some situations. For example, the pack replaces lava’s textures with light blue water-esque textures, causing your friend to burn to death thinking they’re just going for a swim in a lake. In addition, the pack replaces zombies with normal human player skins, changes bedrock to look like diamond, and other playful antics that surely agitate anyone. Download now and ensure that your friends will never want to play Minecraft again.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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Trollpack Resource Pack

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