Ultralow Res Resource Pack


Ultralow Res Texture Pack – Want to run Minecraft with maximum draw distance but your PC can’t handle it? No problem!

The Ultralow Resolution Texture Pack is a texture pack for those who just barely meet Minecraft’s recommended specs (as posted on the game’s main website). While Minecraft is not a taxing game by modern standards, it is quite finicky to get maximum frames on. Even with my computer (3 gigs RAM, 2.8GHzprocessor), I have to set it to short draw distance to get it to run flawlessly at times. With this new texture pack, it takes the already low-resolution textures and compresses them even more, so you should have no issues running Minecraft. Expect amazing frames when playing on your friends’ servers, all while they’re happily playing with their own texture packs, and you’re playing with your low-res pack with no stutters or noticeable lag. This pack is complete, with the mobs and every surface block (ore, stone, grass, etc.) put into low resolution. While most packs force users to wait until they are completed, this pack was released at full completion, showing dedication to those who want to play Minecraft but can’t comfortably run it.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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Ultralow Res Resource Pack

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