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VanillaPerfection Texture Pack – Most packs don’t strive for perfection. This isn’t one of them.

The VanillaPerfection texture pack is perfect for those who pay a high amount of attention to detail. The basic premise of VanillaPerfection is just as the title suggests; a perfecting of the vanilla Minecraft texture pack. If you’re not one who pays any sort of attention to graphics or outwardly appearances, then you may not care much for this texture pack, or even notice the difference between VanillaPerfection compared to the true vanilla texture pack. However, with the screenshots provided, the work done by the creator is put into perspective.

With the VanillaPerfection pack, colors are more prettier and not as dull as vanilla. In addition, ore (iron, gold, diamond) glows in mines, making for much prettier scenery in caves and shafts. The sun and moon are also given updated looks, with the moon no longer having phases, but it and the sun looking a bit better as a whole compared to vanilla. Overall these changes are very minor but add up to a lot if these were bothering you in the vanilla texture pack. If you’re looking for a minor upgrade that won’t tax your system, look no further.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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VanillaPerfection Resource Pack

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