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Viking Realistic Pack – Pillage cities with your diamond pickaxe, in HD!

The Viking Realistic Texture Pack is a gorgeous texture pack with a bit of a historical theme. At times this texture pack makes it seem as though you’re looking at a classic painting rather than playing a simple mining sim game. Bricks are given a darker, grittier look, instead of the overly-clean and unrealistic textures of the default texture pack. Waters are more clear, but have a pale tone, though overall it’s a vast improvement.

This has to be one of the better ‘Realistic’ texture packs due to there being an actual theme to this one. In addition, textures look greater and are uniform throughout, so no two textures clash with one another. For screenshotaficionados, this is a texture pack that should be given a look. Screens look great with this pack, and no manipulating is needed. This pack is not only eye-candy, but it’s a solid pack all in all. However, being a texture pack, isn’t it the purpose to be good-looking?

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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Viking Realistic Resource Pack

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