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The vonDoom Texture Pack is unlike any other. It shows how not only can texture packs look completely unique, but just plain good to look at. The textures are in high definition, so they’re crisp, clear and easy on the eyes. However, what really makes it shine is the creepy, almost trippy style. It pops out at you and engulfs you in its world. It’s almost unbelievable how this new look for Minecraft is achieved only with a different texture pack.

Standard surfaces, such as stone, carry a nearly surreal/borderline realistic look to them. Then you get to the mobs and see where the true style of this texture pack comes out. Creepers’ faces are twisted and full of pain, zombies are now in suits and carry a cartoony look to them, and slimes are highly detailed but carry angry expressions now. Ghasts are now high octane nightmare fuel, sure to haunt your sleep. Overall, this pack carries my seal of approval, for its unique but gorgeous style. Download it below.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.


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VonDoom Resource Pack

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