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The Wayukian Texture Pack is heavily reminiscent of medieval RPGs as well as some JRPGs of the older years of gaming. Armors and mobs (namely friendly mobs and the Enderdragons) are given very nice makeovers, that hinge on realism with a hint of fantasy-like elements. Seeing it in higher definition (at least 32x) would have been very nice, and I would have absolutely no qualms if it was offered in higher resolutions. The style of this pack begs for resolutions higher than the standard 16x, with its borderline realism in some area and delightful fantasy game charm in others.

Armor, having previously briefly mentioned it, looks great in the Wayukian pack. They are what truly give this pack its medieval/fantasy style and blend in excellently with the other texture changes here. The aesthetics of diamond armor make it much more pleasing to the eye, begging you to work hard for precious diamonds.

Consequently, this pack makes a nice addition to any texture enthusiasts collection, and possesses a unique style like no other. Check it out below.

NOTE: You will need MCPatcher for some elements of this pack.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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Wayukian Resource Pack

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